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ROBOPARK – is an international robot exhibit for the whole family. Thanks to the latest technology, you will interact with 70 robots from all over the world. You will see a real robot theater, a quadcopter show, be immersed in virtual reality and make objects fly via the power of your mind. Here children starting from 3 years old, can feel like real inventors. Education and entertainment all in one place!

What is a free kids ticket?

A free kids ticket allows one child aged 4-13 to visit the Robopark free of charge, accompanied by an adult.

children 4-13 years old

Terms of use

An accompanying adult must purchase a separate ticket (or win a competition). Only one free child ticket is valid per adult.
If you wish to use 2 free child tickets, you will need to purchase tickets for 2 accompanying adults.
The free ticket cannot be combined with other promotions.
The number of free children's tickets is limited.
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