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Experience sheer wonder at our SHOW where kids' faces light up with awe!

An unforgettable show for both kids and parents!
Delivering 4 spellbinding shows every day
A charismatic performer
A staggering 6.5-foot tall robot
The ultimate tech superhero

ROBOT SOPHIA Special guest

Talk to Sophia and learn the facts about the world's most famous robot.

Sofia has the ability to understand and respond to questions, engage in discussions, and learn from her interactions with humans. Sophia has been programmed to speak multiple languages and has been featured in numerous public appearances and interviews with media outlets around the world.


RoboPark – big robot exhibit for the whole family. Thanks to the latest technology, you will interact with 50 robots from all over the world. You will see a real robot theater, a quadcopter show, be immersed in virtual reality and make objects fly via the power of your mind. Here children starting from 3 years old, can feel like real inventors. Education and entertainment all in one place!


50 most innovative robots
from all over the world
5 technology shows,
happens every 60 minutes!
6 zones of virtual
and augmented reality
The Amazing Tesla Show!
Human-size robots
Dance performance with tricks
in the robot theater
Robosoccer, Robosumo
and Roboboxing
Workshops for children and adults. Draw in the air, make your own slime or create your own program!
Take a selfie with robots!
Pick up a gift

And that's not all!

* the number of robots and zones may vary due to unforeseen repairs


Experience sheer wonder at our SHOW where kids' faces light up with awe!

An unforgettable show for both kids and parents!
Delivering 4 spellbinding shows every day
A charismatic performer
A staggering 6.5-foot tall robot
The ultimate tech superhero

But Titan is more than just his size; he's an immersive experience. His cinematic presence might remind you of futuristic tales, but he's here, live, and ready to captivate. Parents, have those cameras ready! This international sensation will leave you in awe with his human-like dance moves, captivating tunes, and dynamic performances.

Every day, Titan brings the stage alive, turning it into a lively theater brimming with mischief and humor. And here's the fun part: Titan's charm is so magnetic, he once charmed a kiss from Heidi Klum! Dive into this enchanting experience; let Titan's magic sweep you away.


Promobot v4
The Julius Caesar of the Robot World! One of the most multitasking robots out there! Not only is he incredibly polite, but he'll also remember your face and greet you every time you meet. He's a scholarly bot, delivering lectures at several universities and holding the distinguished title of Honorary Professor.
Clicbot is a home robot designed for entertainment and learning! It has over 200 remarkable reactions! For example, if you cover its eye, it will try to wriggle out and look at you. And if you pat its head, it will lean in and show you how much it likes it. It's impossible not to fall in love with it!
Loona behaves like a playful puppy and looks the part too! You can play games with it, and it's curious about everything, shows interest in new things, and can dance, greet, and recognize its owner! Loona will pose for you so you can snap many fun photos.
Unitree GO1
Introducing Unitree GO1 - the robot dog that will be every visitor's favorite. With its friendly nature, it's impossible not to fall in love with Unitree. It responds to gentle pats and adores playing with kids like a real pup. Watch as it flips in mid-air and nimbly jumps over tricky obstacles! Its acrobatic antics are sure to wow both kids and adults alike.
Unitree Z1
Meet Unitree Z1 – a giant robotic arm that can be attached to the Unitree robot dog! This robot-arm easily lifts objects, opens doors, mimics human movements, twists and untwists screws, and even skillfully guides guests through the crowd.
Everyone calls Amy the robot waitress, but she's more than just a robot! She's working her magic as a housekeeper at RoboPark. Amy will greet you at the entrance and take you around the exhibition. If she likes you, Amy might treat you to a beverage or surprise kids with gifts!
If your child sees SNOW, they'll be hugging and playing with him because he's the cutest robot at the exhibit. With a penguin-like figure and a big, kind face that expresses optimistic feelings, SNOW is the robot that will leave the most lasting impression on the kiddos.
Pudu Bella
KettyBot is the go-to robot courier with a twist! You might spot her strolling around RoboPark among the guests. Still, sometimes she loves to walk around the mall, peeks into shops and restaurants, and spread joy wherever she goes.
Aibo ERS 1000
Robodog AIBO is a fan favorite. He loves being the center of attention, running around, playing, and wagging his paws and tail like a real pup. His friendly nature captures the hearts of all the exhibition guests. Kids adore him!
After you meet WEHEAD, the term "face time" will take on a whole new meaning for you! WEHEAD is designed as a groundbreaking approach to video calls. It's not just about seeing the face of the person you are talking to on a screen. The robot becomes the head of the person you're communicating with, reproducing their movements and facial features. Say goodbye to the usual 9x16 videos!
If your child is not a fan of studying, introduce them to BUDDY - the robot teacher of the future! BUDDY quickly connects with kids of all ages, making learning easy peasy. It helps develop social skills and will effortlessly keep your child entertained.
Moxie is a companion robot designed specifically for interacting with children. It grows with the child and teaches them to talk about their feelings. Moxie can learn new skills, responds to people like humans, and will surely recall you from the first meeting.
NAO is a little robot that moves, hears, sees, and reacts to others, just like a human! It can walk, talk, and recognize faces and objects. Also, NAO is a fantastic dancer who even participated in the world's first synchronized robot dance at Expo 2010.
Alpha Mini
Alpha has learned to walk just like a human, rotate 180 degrees, play your favorite tracks, and dance to them. He learns so fast that every night, right before the exhibit, he masters a new kung-fu move and yoga pose. He sure likes to brag about it in front of all guests.
The world's first self-balancing robot on two wheels, which can follow you wherever you go. It can jump and is very agile. This mighty robot can transport not only your possessions but also you!

ROBOT SOPHIA Special guest

5 facts about famous robot in the world will surprise you:

#1 Sophia the robot sent Will Smith into the Friendzone
#2 Sophia the robot participated in the UN resconference.
#3 The world's first robot to gain citizenship (Saudi Arabian)

Hollywood actor Will Smith went on a date with humanoid robot Sophia and tried to hit on the mechanical beauty. The actor persistently won over the self-learning robot with his charm - but in the end he still ended up in the friendzone. What law of robotics will protect our feelings?

Sophia the robot made an appearance at the UN for a session on technological progress. This is the first appearance of a humanoid machine at such a high level. Sophia thanked for the opportunity to attend the discussion and answered questions.

The citizenship of the "iron lady" was granted by Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative investment forum in the kingdom's capital Riyadh.

- I am honored to be the first robot in history to hold citizenship! - Sophia stated.



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Emotions of a child that will be remembered for a lifetime
Over 100 exhibits. Robots and technology
All shows are free for visitors
Photography allowed
Free tour every hour


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3 workshops
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Every child dreams of creating something unique with their own hands. We will help your children realize their dreams that they will take home with them.

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